Who am I?

My background

Ann Malone Bachmann, born and raised in Dublin, Ireland
BSc. Analytical Science, Dublin City University 1986.
While working and travelling in Australia and New Zealand, I met my Swiss husband. I moved to Switzerland and got married in 1994. We have 2 adult daughters.
I work part-time in regulatory affairs and as an English teacher.
I found kinesiology an enormous help when the kids were growing up and my own parents were aging.
It helped me to become more self-aware and to enjoy my life more despite various challenges.
I have friends from many cultural and religious backgrounds and am open and tolerant.


To unlock your natural potential, at your pace, using the integrative kinesiology methods, with the resources that you already have.
Help yourself to keep healthy.
Know yourself:
your thoughts, your feelings, and what triggers you.

Find the balance between accepting yourself as you are
making the change, that makes a positive difference to your life.

My Kinesiology training
IKAMED, Zürich 2018-2022

I chose to study Kinesiology at IKAMED as I liked the no-nonsense approach, with the focus on learning to help yourself.
I graduated in October 2022 with a Diploma as complementary therapist for the method, Kinesiology with branch certificate OdA KT, which allows me to apply for Health insurance recognition.
I am now covered by additional Health Insurance by the majority of additional health insurances (Zusatzversicherungen) covered by EMR.
In addition to Touch for Health, kinesiology, and Brain gym, the diploma included courses in psychology (solution orientated), basic medicine, communication, ethics, and extensive practical experience.

My Motivation

I know that Integrative Kinesiology continues to help me through various situations in my life and I have seen it help many other people. 

I want to help you to help yourself; 

  • to learn simple techniques to stop circling downward thoughts, that affect the emotions and body and 
  • to move forward into life, more enthusiastic and motivated
  • to make the most of your life, regardless of your circumstances.

My Core Values

  • You are the expert of your life.
  • You have survived so far and have enormous resources.
  • I will listen to you and ask questions until I understand how you want to move forward.
  • I have learnt the Integrative Kinesiology method that may help you.
  • Each person is unique and extremely valuable. No jigsaw puzzle is complete without every piece.
  • We are all perfectly imperfect and doing our best at any particular moment.