Making the change with Integrative Kinesiology

Tired of circling thoughts?
Want to change aspects of your life but you are not getting anywhere?
Same old story despite your best efforts?

Maybe it is time for an integrative Kinesiology session?
Integrative Kinesiology looks at what moves and blocks you: your thoughts, your feelings and your body/actions.
You learn to find solutions to your problems, using the resources you have, with the integration of simple body movements, thus breaking the trigger-reaction cycle.
Become aware of yourself and change to become the best version of yourself.
No one is perfect but a balance of accepting your faults and changing what you can, frees up a lot of energy, so you can do more of what you want.

According to Kinesuisse, kinesiology can be used in the following situations:

Physical Complaints
Aches and pains
Muscular tension
Postural problems
Coordination disorders
Weight and digestive problems
Mental stress
Sensations of stress
Exhaustion / Burnout
Mood swings
Sleep problems
Psychosomatic issues
Mental difficulties
Concentration difficulties
Learning difficulties
Motivation problems
Loss of performance/Lack of energy
Blocked resources
Self-esteem problems
Changes in life phases
Pregnancy/ desire to have children
Menopausal symptoms
Challenging developmental steps
Overwhelming experiences

What is a Kinesiology session
You arrive in comfortable clothes with an idea of where you are suffering and the changes that you would like to make.
In individual sessions, we look at where the stress is stored in you body with the muscle test.
I ask questions about the situation as it is and how you would like it to be. You decide on your aim and how it will feel and we go on to balance this change, to release the stored stress. You always remain fully clothed only removing your shoes. No substances of any type are given or recommended.

Balances used
Balance through touch, movement and awareness: for example; acupressure points (no needles only touch), neurovascular points (on head and face), neurolymphatic points, meridians, chakra, colour balance, direction, and cycle balance, emotion; tone; and taste balances, emotional stress release, and reactive muscle balance, brain gym etc.

Integrative Kinesiology does not replace your doctor
Integrative Kinesiology helps you to become more aware of your body and the effect of your thoughts and emotions on your body.
It helps you to notice your habits and this may help to improve your health but medical issues require medical attention. 
It is your responsibility to contact your doctor if you are concerned about any changes in your body or changes in body function. Integrative Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and can be used to accompany medical therapy or for less serious conditions that may improve by changing habits.

IT'S TIME TO START exploring new possibilities

By making your first appointment, you are making the first step towards making a change.

Sessions can be in English or in German, whichever you prefer.

You can book an individual session or participate in a group session.
 I have formed a group session (presently in German) every Friday afternoon.
The English group session takes place on Monday evenings (see below).
Please let me know if you would be interested.
Contact: 077 440 52 65 or 

Group Sessions (Without Muscle test)

Cost: 25 CHF/session, payable on the evening,  maximum of 4 people/course.
When: Mondays17:45-18:30 (Not in the school holidays).
Location: Praxis – Holunderweg 25d, 8050 Zürich.


25 CHF/hour, payable in advance, Minimum of 5 people and maximum of 8 people/course.
When: Fridays13:30 – 14:30 (Not in the school holidays).
LocationZentrum ELCH, Bewegungsraum – Holunderweg 27, 8050 Zürich.


Create your own group: (work colleagues/friends/clubs/neighbours/School classes and I will come to your location)

What do you need? Bring something to lie on, a small notebook and something to write with and a bottle of water.

Can help to improve self-awareness (thoughts, feelings and body) and thus have positive effects on health and habits.

  • No additional health insurance?
  • Limited budget?
  • Like groups?
  • Don’t want to talk about your problems but still need help with making changes to your life?

If you can understand German, you can participate in this course to help you move forward in your life with your senses, your body, your mind and emotions aligned to make the changes you want.

You can answer the questions, for the reflection part, in your notebook, in the language of your choice. Only you have to understand it.

We do the balances together. They are easy and are carried out without the muscle test, e.g.

  • activate your lymphatic system
  • use colour and chakra balances to calm your nervous system and be more in touch with yourself,
  • use tone and feeling balances to move out of stuck emotions
  • use 14 muscles to move forward with the change you wish to make,
  • Use brain gym to broaden your horizons, focus on the change you wish to make and center your energy using visualisation and logic.

Individual Sessions (German & English)

Cost120 CHF/hourThe initial session may be up to 90 minutes but all following sessions are approximately an hour. 

When: Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Location: Praxis, Holunderweg 25d, 8050 Zürich

Please let me know 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment, so that I do not charge you for the missed appointment.

Many Swiss additional health insurances  (Zusatzversicherungen) may make a contribution towards costs. Ask your health insurance what they cover. I am a recognised EMR complementary therapist for Kinesiology. 

Please see what Health insurances are EMR partners.

Individual sessions deal with your personal issues – What do you need to grow, where are you blocking your progress and what potential would you like to unleash? We look specifically at where stress is stored in your body using the muscle test. Often tenseness related to stress causes pain. We look at where you are holding on and possibilities of how to let go.

Each step takes you further up the mountain

You decide your pace. Only you know the whole story. I just give you the tools to make your journey more pleasant and constructive.

The jewels in the present moment

While you may be aiming for better things on life's journey, it is important to use your senses to truely live each moment as it is and collect these special moments for the difficult days.