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Your balance, your life

Each person is so complex, as is each life. Only you know the whole story. In a kinesiology session we explore your present situation.

What really bothers you?

Where exactly in your life are you suffering?

Is it a pattern that you have or is it something new?

It is not all head work. In individual sessions, we use the muscle test (usually an arm muscle) as a feedback from the body to give additional information related to stress.
We do not focus on the past, only what thought, emotion and reaction patterns, you have learnt and still use today.

Often, what may have been a good strategy in the past only backfires when we use it, in a not so appropriate situation. So we focus on making the present as pleasant as possible, using the qualities and resources that we have. We learn to help ourselves break the viscious circle of bad habits, which affect our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies eventually.
In an individual kinesiology session, we check exactly which element or meridian is blocked. Kinesiology uses muscle movements, acupressure points, neurovasular and neurolymphatic points or any of the other balances, to release the blocked energy so we can use it more effectively for our lives.
I have provided a simplified balance below for your everyday life. I often do this as I am walking to the train or on the train itself. You can integrate it into your life and see if it helps you.

Simplified colour balance

Be aware of what you see, you smell, you hear and feel. Then, look at the colours in the pictures below or around you now.
Start with yellow and spend time contemplating and being aware of changes in your body associated with the characteristics of each colour, e.g. yellow-self awareness.
In an individual kinesiology session we would use the muscle test to check which elements need strengthening and monitor the change but you can make the first step of self awareness and knowledge with this simplified colour balance. 

Look at yellow and take time to be more conscious of your thoughts, your emotions and what is going on in your body.
How will self-awareness help you today?

Look at white and contemplate how valuable you are, as you are now.
How will being conscious of your value help you today?

Look at blue and feel the depth of your trust in yourself, your abilities and resources.
If you have more trust in yourself, how will this help you today?

Look at green and contemplate, how you have grown and continue to grow. Think  of all the decisions you have made to get you where you are today. 
If you allow yourself to grow with less self-inflicted limitations, how will this help you today?

Look at red and feel love and acceptance for yourself as you are and open your heart to others.
If you love more (yourself and others), how will this help you today?

How will your day improve:

  • if you allow yourself to be more self aware, 
  • value yourself more,
  • trust yourself with all your abilities and instincts, 
  • allow yourself to grow, learn and make decisions, 
    and to top it all, 
  • love and accept yourself as you are, doing your best today?

 Do you notice any changes in how you move, how you stand, how you feel?
If you practiced this every day, what difference would it make?

Maybe you would like to join a kinesiology group session or have an individual kinesiology session to help you further, to make
positive changes to your life.